How do I talk with my kid about gender?

How convictions and cultural influences can affect our thoughts about genders?

With this video Planned Parenthood wants helps parents how to recognise limitation about gender cliche or how we limit the possibilities for our children depending on their gender.

Some tips that give a remarkable indication of how we can change the form to educate and support children without limiting their experience based on gender kind.

As father was a pleasure work in this kind of project and animating the fantastic illustrations of Carlos Alegria, under the direction of David Wave.
The animation is a portfolio version that we have realised after the client rejected the design proposal, but we saw the artistic potential that could have the animation and at the same times the importance to share the message.

Enjoy and share the message.



  • Client - Planned Parenthood

  • Direction - David Wave

  • Art Direction - Carlos Alegriá

  • Design - Carlos Alegriá, Ana Clara Oliveira, Andrea Gendusa

  • Animation - Andrea Gendusa


Design Process


Animation process


Changes help to get a better result.

During the animation process sometimes happens that you notice that the design have to be edit in function with the animation.

In this case, the scene on the upper left corner is the original provided by the designer, but during the process, the director viewed the need to simplify the scene to stay in line with the entire video.


Looking for somenthing similar?

Animated videos are a good solution for brands, ONG and Institutions, to create content that share information, explain concepts or promote events or new products.

At the same time create an animated video can help to create a more extensive campaign based on the same image, same language and visual code, with the benefits to be adapted on the content with a lower cost for your brand compared with a live action video.


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