JLL Director's Cut - The animation develops a follow through to what has been the evolution of the company Jones Lang LaSalle and what represents the change of its name to "JLL" a path of success and development, a new facing for a more interconnected world.

Technique: 2D Animation - Illustration - Cel Animation

Software: Adobe Photoshop - Adobe After Effects



  • Client - JLL
  • Production - Jelly London
  • Direction - N9ve Studio
  • Design - Karolina Pospishill
  • Animation - Andrea Gendusa, N9ve Studio



Looking for somenthing similar?

Illustrated videos have a different charm, are rich in details, this kind of project is uniqueness, and this gives the same to the product or brand of with the video tell.

The only way to archive uniqueness is to mix different techniques; like motion graphics, 2D animation and illustration, in this way the possibilities of creativity are limitless.


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