Leonard Cohen on Music

Project did during my Full-time position in Elkanodata, we decided to create a tribute to a bold visionary and one of most significant creative human being, Leonard Cohen, we created this visual essay to share and celebrate his genius on the one year anniversary of the beginning of his afterworld. 

What could it have been like to spend a day, an hour, or even a second inside that fertile mind of his? By interweaving the spoken elements as ephemeral 2D and 3D visual scenes, we begin to feel the ebbs and flows of a profound creative spirit.

Technique: 3D Animation - 2D animation

Software: Adobe After Effects - C4D 



  • Agency - Elkanodata
  • Direction - Andrea Gendusa, Victor Pérez
  • Art direction / Design - Andrea Gendusa
  • Animation - Andrea Gendusa, Victor Pérez
  • Sound Design - Andrea Gendusa


Early Development

Behind the scenes


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