Naturalitzem Barcelona

The piece is an institutional video that tells how the city government is currently promoting a new maintenance culture for the city’s greenery, one that is more sustainable and offers more benefits for the community.

Technique: 2D Animation - 3D animation - Illustration

Software: Adobe Illustrator - Adobe After Effects - C4D



  • Client - Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
  • Agency - Vainilla bcn
  • Direction - Andrea Gendusa, Vainilla Bcn
  • Art direction / Design / Animation - Andrea Gendusa
  • Music / SFX: Xevi estudi


Character Design

Early Development

Behind the scenes



Looking for somenthing similar?

Animated videos are a good solution for brands, ONG and Institutution, to create content that share information, explain concepts or promote events or new products.

At the same time create an animated video can help to create a more extensive campaign based on the same image, same language and visual code, with the benefits to be adapted on the content with a lower cost for your brand compared with a live action video.


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