Paramount Channel Spain - Bumpers

Bumpers did for Paramount Network Spain; the result came from a pitch process, where the client asked to work on three different concepts for their daily shows bumpers, the design needs to adapt to the brand new package of the channel.

My project included three different proposals one in 3D, one in graphic design and the last one typographic with footages, at the end the client selected the typographic and this is the result.

Each bumper has the same structure but at the same time identify the kind of show, action movie, top cine and blockbuster movies.

So to satisfy the client request, I'm moved on to design a parallax system that scrolls horizontally, divided into two layers, the first one include the brand channel colors, the logo, and titles; the behind sheet contains a big typographic layer with the title of the show that reveals footages  connected with the theme of the show.

If you want to see, the other two proposals push the button and scroll until the section Paramount network bumper proposal.

Technique: Motion Graphics

Software: Adobe After Effects



  • Client: VIACOM

  • Production: The Mushroom Company

  • Direction: Nélida Castro, Duque David (Paramount Network)

  • Art direction / Design / Animation: Andrea Gendusa


First Concept

Second Concept