As a creative person I like trying something new or mix different techniques, sometimes the results are good sometimes not.
Here is my wall with a selection of art direction boards, pitches and doddles.If  you are interested in any of the images or you see a sort of  reference for a project, drop me a line, I'll be happy to work with you.


Pitch! Pitch! Pitch!


Some proposals did during a pitch for a real estate portal specialised in buying and selling second-hand homes and new construction in Spain.

The request was design the Notification walkthrough illustration for the App; and deliver different approaches, one following the brand guidelines and the second one with a free palette option.

The process was so funny but unfortunately the client was not convinced by the two proposals I’ve design,

but I am, so here two personalised versions and the recorded illustration process on Procreate App.

Paramount network bumper proposal

Two concept style frames did during a pitch for Paramount Network.

The client asks to create three different concepts for their bumpers pack with three different styles and techniques, one 3D, one graphic design and one with typography.

The challenge was following the brand new line did from another studio and at the same time make something different.
These two sequences, unfortunately, were not selected from my pitch, but if you want to see the selected one push the button.

W.H.O. animation pitch

Animation test did during a pitch for an international healthcare campaign. 

To archive this attack and repulsion concept, I've decided to work in C4D using some dynamics that first attracts the elements and then when the "shield" appears to repulse them. 

Try to guess the difference?


UN Women -Stop violence against Women

One of two proposals did during the exploration process for the project commisioned by United Nation Women.

The illustration talks about sexual exploitation and human trafficking, showing in a metaphorical way how girls and women are exploited, through means, such as force, fraud, coercion, or deception.

Unfortunately, this style wasn't selected by the client, but if you are interested to see the final results you can find the whole project there.

Universal Shapes

In this project, I've used the technique and the look and feel experimented in a past project I did in 2017(scroll down Until ING Creative Fest 2017).

In this case, the idea was to create graphic design pieces mixing 3D elements, photos, and textures; the challenge was to create a contrast between the media but the right balance in the compositions, the selection of the images and textures was essential.


Manifesto per la Cultura

Proposal submitted at "Manifesto per la Cultura" poster contest, called by Arci Lombardia, the brief asked to represent with an illustrated poster, what is essential for cultural development in Italy, in terms of protection and promotion of cultural heritage and for the importance that culture has as economic catalysts, made of spaces, people, institutions, companies, and associations.

Aether Passengers

Dream State Places

A personal project did during  2016 summer; like an exercise to use texture,3D elements and photos inside 2D illustration,  with the purpose to go out from my comfort zone.

The theme of each illustration is a kind of dream place, a relaxed state of mind or a dimension where the body and spirit meet.

ING Creative Festival 2017 - Submission

Little animation did in 2017 submitted for ING festival contest; the brief was the word "Circle," so I've decided to start the animation with a disc that goes morphing in his travel to convert in an abstract, dreamy eye. 

To do this piece I've used C4D like main software with some tricks in After effects and to add some hand draw effects a little bit of Adobe Photoshop. 

This sort of small project is a sort of fresh air during commissioned work, allows trying new stuff and the result is not very important, the important thing is the journey during the creative process.


ICANN - Styleframes

Styleframes did in 2015 for The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that is a nonprofit organization that is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces of the Internet - thereby ensuring the network's stable and secure operation.

The concept for the art was mix footage, 3D and graphic elements with a post-digital look and feel with the use of glitches and digital distortion, that will be used in animation to reveal objects and layers or like transitions.