Il Sole 24 Ore - Business Class

20″ TV promo for Il Sole 24 Ore new service, Business Class.

The client asked us to animate some illustrations that they had developed for the print campaign

Technique: 2D Animation

Software: Adobe After Effects



  • Client - Sole 24 Ore
  • Art direction - Laura Cattaneo
  • Design - Francesco Muzzi
  • Animation - Andrea Gendusa, N9ve studio
  • Music



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Motion graphics is an adaptable technique that can give life to your graphic design or illustration assets.

In this project, Il Sole 24 Ore comes with some illustration for their print campaign and asks to convert them into an animation to use for an online an TV campaign. The process was connect the assets to achieve a story and a fluid animation, that talk about the values of the main Italian financial newspaper.


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