Song of Tarots

A mixed media video using stop-motion, cel animation, and motion graphics.

The video shows the book using a tarot reading metaphor - the clean and straightforward animations that pop out from the book's pages are images of three different cards - the tarot path - one's problem, the solution and a possible result.

Technique: 2D Animation - Illustration - Cel Animation - Stop Motion

Software: Adobe Photoshop - Dragon stop motion - Adobe After Effects



  • Client - Lucia Dettori
  • Direction - N9ve Studio
  • DOP - Laura Sans
  • Design - Karolina Pospishill
  • Animation - Andrea Gendusa, N9ve Studio
  • VO - Toby Harper
  • Music / SFX - BCN Sound



Looking for somenthing similar?

Mixed-media videos allow breaking limits, you can move from an animated illustration to a stop-motion sequence, or mix them to create a great combo.

Breaking limit gives the possibility to tell stories differently to engage consumers and visitors, in these last years most brands invested in video to connect with people in social networks, and actually video is the media that consumers consume more in the internet navigation.


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