UN Women - End Violence Against Women

Illustration and animation projects did for UN Women “Women Stop Violence Against Woman” 2017 Campaign.

Images and animations were created to represent some of the common types of violence against women, like physical, sexual and psychological, these pieces are used in an interactive web page and  UN Women Instagram' account.

You can view the full interactive here.

The challenge was representing sensitive themes without using an explicit language, so I’m moved in a conceptual direction in order to bring emotion to these very and realistic situations. Another client request was illustrating women without getting a reference to cultures or races., so the choose of colours help me to represent multicultural women.




  • Client - Un Women

  • Agency - Elkanodata

  • Creative Direction - Viriato Cordón

  • Front End Developer - Julio Cesar Almeida

  • Art direction - Viriato Córdón, Andrea Gendusa

  • Illustration / Animation - Andrea Gendusa


Animated Illustrations

The above illustrations were done in illustrator, animated in After Effects and outputted in javascript code.

In this way, is possible embed complex animated graphics without using video files or GIF that incrementing the size of the page, in this way the page has a fast loading time because of the data size page is very low. 

Also with the code is possible to change X and Y size a reproduction method without going back to After Effects. With Javascript also it could be possible add interaction to the design.






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Looking for somenthing Similar?

Illustration project could be used in different media like print, video or web. But nowadays technology helps a lot of the possibilities to improve content on a web page.

Create an interactive website can help your brand or company to talk about your services differently, more attractive and exciting for the final user, sing illustrated animation content that can be converted into an interesting user experience.